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8:00 PM 5:55 PM

1st Jummah

1:00 PM Masjid

2nd Jummah

1:15 PM Elks Lodge

3nd Jummah

3:45 PM Masjid

*these times are estimates, for more accurate times look at our monthly calendar

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Masjid Events

  • 788e7891-e917-4fbd-a23c-ee22865f4819 17Nov

    Worry Warriors

    Learn crafty ways to help kids cope with Stress and Anxiety ...[+]

  • e2030949-d404-4ae4-b262-3876c9daa33a 19Nov

    EID Holiday Petition

    Attention New Hyde Park - Garden City Park School District Residents:...[+]


Weekly Programs

  • youth hang 16Nov

    Friday Night Youth Hangout

    Join us every Friday (8 to 10 PM) for Youth Hangout ...[+]

  • e6591073-0649-444a-a4b6-20c6a56897b0 17Nov

    Mommy & Me Classes - Every Saturday!

    For sisters with young children (ages 0 to 4), please register from t...[+]

  • Sunday Morning Breakfast 13 x 19 18Nov

    Community Breakfast

    Come join us weekdays after Fajr ever Sunday for ...[+]

  • stories-of-the-companions-corrected 22Nov

    Lives of the Companions

      Come join us Thursdays after Isha (Spring and Summer) and Thu...[+]

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  • PHOTO-2018-07-27-07-08-50 18Nov

    Sister's Studies - Bangla

    Sisters' Weekday Islamic Studies ...[+]

  • 322c3194-93c8-4333-bde0-81a58bf7da2d 18Nov

    HIC Quran Academy

      Bring your Children to the Masjid Monday thru Thursday from 5...[+]

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Tahajjud Q & A

Tahajjud (تهجد‎‎), also known as the "night prayer" is a voluntary prayer. It is not one of the five obligatory prayers required of all Muslims, although Muhammad (PBUH) performed the tahajjud prayer regularly himself and encouraging his compani

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The first day of Shawwāl is Eid al-Fitr. Some Muslims observe six days of fasting during Shawwāl beginning the day after Eid ul-Fitr since fasting is prohibited on this day. These six days of fasting together with the Ramadan fasts, are equivalent to fast

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