• Sunday Morning Breakfast 13 x 19 23Sep

    Community Breakfast

    Come join us weekdays after Fajr ever Sunday for Community Breakfast Bri...[+]

  • stories-of-the-companions-corrected 27Sep

    Lives of the Companions

      Come join us Thursdays after Isha (Spring and Summer) and Thursdays after Maghrib (Fall and Winter) for Stories from the Lives of the Co...[+]

  • youth hang 28Sep

    Friday Night Youth Hangout

    Join us every Friday (8 to 10 PM) for Youth Hangout Food will be served ...[+]

  • 24Sep

    Sister's Studies - Bangla

    Sisters' Weekday Islamic Studies ...[+]

  • 322c3194-93c8-4333-bde0-81a58bf7da2d 24Sep

    HIC Quran Academy

      Bring your Children to the Masjid Monday thru Thursday from 5...[+]