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Tahajjud Q & A

Tahajjud (تهجد‎‎), also known as the “night prayer” is a voluntary prayer. It is not one of the five obligatory prayers required of all Muslims, although Muhammad (PBUH) performed the tahajjud prayer regularly himself and encouraging his companions too.

Here are some common Questions and Answers regarding this topic:

What is the difference between Qiyamul Lail and tahajjud Salat?

Qiyamul Lail is a general term used to describe nafl salat performed after ‘Isha, either before or after sleeping, while tahajjud salat is specifically performed after sleeping. [ ‘Umdatul Qari ]

Is it preferable to perform tahajjud salat in sets of two rakats, four rakats, or to perform it all together in eight rakats?

Hazrat Ibn ‘Umar (R) asked Rasul Allah ( ) about the night vigil. He ( ) replied, “two rakats by two rakats.” [ Nasai ]

Is it recommended to wake up other family members for tahajjud?

Hazrat ‘Umar Bin Khatab ( R ) relates that he ( ) would perform salat as long as the Lord willed, and would even wake up his noble wives and say, “Salat! Salat!” Then the Holy Prophet ( ) would recite the verse, Wa’ mur ahlaka bissalaati was tabir alayha. (Command your household towards salat and to remain steadfast on it.) [ Istiskaar, Ibn ‘Abdur Razzaaq ] Hazrat ‘Umar ( R ) would read tahajjud all night and would wake his wives up during the last part of the night. [ Qiyamul Lail ] Muhammad Bin Talha says that his father would wake his wives, daughters, and servants for tahajjud salat and would say, “Pray two rakats at least.” [ Qiyamul Lail ]

What is the reward for waking up other family members for tahajjud?

Hazrat Abu Hurairah and Hazrat Abu Sa’ed ( R ) narrate that he ( ) said, “When a man wakes his family in the night and they pray salat together, they are written among the zakireen and zakiraat. [ Nasai, Ibn Maja, and Targheeb ]

During which part of the night did Rasul Allah ( ) usually pray tahajjud?

Hazrat Aswad ( R ) asked ‘Aisha ( R ) about Holy Prophet’s ( ) praying habit during the night. Hazrat ‘Aisha ( R ) said, “He ( ) would sleep during the beginning of the night and would perform his salat in the last part of the night.” [ Musnad Tiyalsi ]

Is it permissible to repeat one verse while praying tahajjud?

Hazrat ‘Aisha ( R ) is reported to have said that sometimes the Holy Prophet ( ) would spend the entire night (in tahajjud) repeating one verse.” [ Tirmizi ]

What are the benefits for praying tahajjud?

Hazrat Salman ( R ) says that he ( ) said, “Tahajjud is incumbent upon you. It was the habit of the righteous before you. It is a means to get closer to the Lord, to please the Lord, to have the sins forgiven, to keep away from sins, and to protect the body from sickness. [ Kanzul ‘Ummaal ]

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